Analysis Of The Film Defiance

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U s e t e c h n i c a l a s p e c t t o e n g a g e a u d i e n c e The film Defiance directed by Edward Zwick is a film that focuses on a surviving Colony of Jews during World War II. The Director had applied certain technical aspects within the film which assist effectively towards engaging the emotions of the audience. The technical aspects that have been included in the film that helped in driving the audience emotions included differentiated camera angles, the use of soundtracks, background sound, lighting, the theme of the shot and the use of dialogue. There are many examples throughout events that helped in establishing an emotional environment with audience engagement using these aspects.

One scene that helped reveal certain emotion was when Tuvia was shown vulnerable during the Germans attack. The director acknowledges Tuvia’s sensitive side demonstrated within the scene when he lays beneath the trees after he had witnessed his comrades murder. This leads the brave leader into believing that there was no hope left in their survival. The technical aspects such as background music and camera angles were used to create a broken and sorrow environment that influenced in raising the audience attention.Throughout the sequence, a medium close-up shot was used to show the distress and fear in Tuvia as he is shown hiding behind a tree taking cover from the firing guns and tanks. This is a follow-up shot of the previous scene

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