Analysis Of The Film ' Rupaul ' Drag Race '

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There are few reality television shows that represent males that perform in drag. RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR) is probably the only one. RPDR is an American reality competition show that premiered in February of 2009. When it first started many could have viewed it as a “cheap knockoff of America’s Next Top Model,” a show which had started six years ago (Lambe). Only 3.6% of people on television are gay, so imagine how little of that percentage are drag queens (Kidd). The show is now the highest-rated show on Logo TV. I want to argue that RuPaul’s Drag Race trains its audience by educating them on the acceptance of drag culture exhibited in the show and exposes them to the diversity in drag culture that can impact their views of how they …show more content…

In the clip “Season 8 Official Promo” the viewers see that the girls know about glamor and are not trying to hide how much money they are spending.
Citizenship is theorized as a constant pull between the “selfish demands of the consumer economy and the selfless requirements of the political order” (Ouellette, p.69). This is applied to RPDR because the show educates and trains the viewers to be accepting of drag culture. I can be hard to relate to people unless you have a direct connection to them. It can be hard to understand drag culture until you are taken behind the scenes and get to know the actual contests outside of their runway shows. In the “Adore as a Musician clip,” we see that even though they are competing against each other, all of them are still friends and support each other. They call each other talented and even talk about respecting each other in drag. In the “Game On!” clip we see them just after they got critiqued by the judges, but they all ban together ad call each other talented. Drag queens have a reputation of being petty and fake, but RPDR proves that this is just a stereotype. This clip shows how genuine they really are on the show and how they come to each other sides. With the cameras going backstage and showing the viewers conversations they would not hear otherwise, they get to build relationships with the

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