Analysis Of The Film ' The Little Rock Nine '

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Central High School is one of the first schools in American history to integrate black and white students. Nine students, known as “The Little Rock Nine,” were chosen to be the first black students to enter that high school. Elizabeth Eckford was one of the nine students who entered Central High School all alone on September 4th 1957. This day was a nightmare for Elizabeth. After being denied entry by the Arkansas National Guard and being harassed by a shouting crowd who were opposed to integration, Elizabeth managed to stay calm. Hazel Bryan was one of the tormentors in the crowd in front of Central High School. Many cameras were clicking that day trying to capture history being made, but one photo that went viral would unintentionally connect these two girls for life. The famous photo of Elizabeth and Hazel captured by Will Counts was prominently displayed in newspapers, newscasts, and magazines all over the world (62). The photo shows a white girl shouting viciously towards a desolate black girl. In the photo, there are other whites surrounding these girls, but they seem to be indifferent towards the shouting white girls’ behavior. The girls in the photo are soon to be recognized as Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan. The defining essence of this memorable and historic situation is a sense of division between white and black Americans: the photograph captures the decisive moment by showing racism and hate from whites towards blacks portrayed through Hazel towards
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