Analysis Of The Film The Prince Of Egypt

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The Film, ‘The Prince of Egypt’ is a not a very accurate copy when compared to the story of exodus from the Bible. The 1998 Dreamworks production ‘The Prince of Egypt’ was created to follow the remarkable story of Moses, Leading his people from slavery but was changed by the directors to give it some originality. The setting, the characters and the storylines are some of the things that have been changed in the animated story. Therefore the Dreamworks Pictures film is inaccurate and does not flow along the same page as the Biblical story of Exodus.

Firstly, when compared, The settings In the Dreamworks production differ from the ones in the Biblical account. The directors have made this change to add some excitement to some of the settings. The way how the Nile has been portrayed in the movie, Vary from the Bible because the Bible tells us that Moses had been placed in a basket among some reeds, But in the movie, Moses gets placed in the basket and the Nile takes him away. He just misses all kinds of dangers, From hippos and crocodiles to the Egyptian fishing nets. The reason the director did this massive change was to make the scene more exciting and to capture the audience. The Burning bush’s description is different in the Bible than how it is portrayed in the movie. In the Bible, the burning bush is on top of a mountain called Horeb but In the movie it is in a cave where God calls to him. The director did this because he wanted to make the scene more scary and

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