Analysis Of The Film 'Waco-Rules Of Engagement'

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A cult, a term widely utilized within popular culture and American society to describe contemporary, arguably, religious groups has garnered an extremely negative stigma. These media portrayed, ‘dangerous’ groups have over time been accumulating and growing amongst other religions. It is definite that though, historically, these ‘cults’ have been victims of marginalization, invalidation of their beliefs and media/government harassment, many of these organizations are minimally nothing of the demonized ameliorated image, that is enveloped by American society. Hence, from this point forward, within the ‘briefing piece’, it is only with a deep understanding/a religious study interpretation to acknowledge these groups as ‘new religious movements’ (NRMs). As a standoff between the FBI and the religious organization is inevitable, considering illegal acts may be occurring within the NRM, it is with a better approach to look at the film ‘Waco-Rules of Engagement”, directed by Amy Sommer, to avoid any unlawful procedures that could possible occur with the group. Additionally, by gaining insight with the help of Catherine L. Wessinger’s article, “How the Millennium Comes Violent” the agency could better handle the situation and avoid the effects of acting too hostile against the organization. Apparent through watching the entirety of the film, “Waco-Rules of Engagement”, extreme measures were enacted upon ‘The Branch Davidians’ – religious followers of David Koresh, by the ATF. By

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