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During DJ’s observation we witnessed him being very playful with other classmates. He seems to always want to be the one to choose the game and organized it by who can play. DJ picks games where more than 2 people can play. The games are very organized to where everyone has to take turns. Representational mapping is the category we believe he fell under. DJ was very organized with his games, he would choose people to play in the games. While watching DJ play he 's very active and likes to talk a lot. When talking to his friends he mentions all the fun cool things he 's able to do by running fast, he can make it to the next corner in just three seconds. He tries to show the kids the things he can do and it quickly becomes a competition with the boys. DJ is very friendly with his classmates and takes turns when told. However, when DJ picks a game and he gets out he 's not too happy. He starts to throw a little fit. His fits consist of him complaining about how it 's not fair, how classmates cheated and then he stomps and starts to cry. At this point other teachers are trying to calm him down and or puts him in a corner. DJ is showing signs of contingent self esteem. As soon as he 's on a roll and shows the kids that he can play these games he 's happy. But once he gets out he quickly becomes sad and angry at himself showing that he is helpless. Most children around the age of six tend to feel this way. For example: children who are playing a game and don 't quite get the game

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