Analysis Of The Gender Gap At School By David Brooks

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An ever changing, yet common issue, in today's generation revolves around how society views gender. The general consensus dictates that gender, as a whole, is a spectrum, rather than a standard set for each individual male and female to follow throughout everyday life. However, there are those individuals who wish to remain reluctant in changing their view of society. Some believe it is better to allow the education system to be segregated by gender, in order to provide more resources to both girls and boys. One person in favor of this public education reform is David Brooks, a neuroscientist who published the article titled “The Gender Gap at School.” A thorough analysis of the effects of literature on men and women, biological factors…show more content…
This source has no specific names nor does it contain any clue as to where he had found such information. His point concerning literature and the different genres which appeal to both men and women are reasonable. However, Brooks’ lack of empathy for both parties fails to satisfy the point he struggles to make. This is evident throughout the entirety of his essay.
After his opening statements, Brooks begins to explain his point of view concerning each gender’s “well-known” pleasure in literature. He describes that men tend to enjoy books about isolation while women prefer books concerning people’s relationships with one another. While it is positive to point out the differences each gender portrays, Brooks’ presents them in a way that offends. He relies heavily on the stereotypes of society as a whole, and the weaving of gender in society. In a study conducted by two scientists, Laia Beclares and Naomi Priest, it was found that the stereotypical comments made in public has a significant effect on the actions of an individual, both negative and positive. It is stated that “Stereotype threat posits that awareness of a social stereotype that reflects negatively on one's social group can negatively affect the performance of group members” (13). This refutes the points made in Brooks’ essay concerning the many aspects gender plays in society. Many might say this is to do with that fact that biological factors interfere with

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