Analysis Of The Great Gatsby And Chicago

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In The Great Gatsby and Chicago, there are two types of Women: the intellectual and the naive. While those who are intellectual manipulate others, those who are naive are manipulated by men. To be naive means to lack experience and judgement, mostly the characters in The Great Gatsby portray this by their actions. On the other hand, the characters on Chicago have higher intellect, allowing them to control the media, and Jordan from The Great Gatsby as she knows most of the things anyone is talking about and knows what to do. Daisy and myrtle are manipulated, this makes it harder for them to do things for themselves, the limitation to their freedom, there is an example of this when george wilson locked Myrtle not allowing her to leave. Another better example is that tom cheats on daisy with myrtle, but he would not allow daisy to be with Gatsby at all. The more intelligent women have more freedom and do more things compared to the naive women. Jordan Baker expresses this by being able to go many places, she has had the ability to visit gatsby’s party, allowing her to learn about the situation and try to help Daisy. Roxie Hart is a bit naive at first, but learns and becomes smarter in jail, this makes her qualify as naive, but also an intellect, there is a noticeable change in the way she acts when she is naive and intelligent. Velma kelly is very intelligent but has made a bad choice out of her anger.

The naive people are the most troublesome in these Stories as

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