Analysis Of The Great Gatsby

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The American romantic drama, The Great Gatsby (1974), directed by Jack Clayton. The movie film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel. This film won the Academy award for Best Costume Design, Academy award for Best Original Song Score, and Golden award for Best Supporting Actress. This is a tale of love, American Dream, and tragedy. The Great Gatsby has four film adaptations, there are two versions with especially big- budget and well known movies: The 1974 version and 2013 version. The 1974 version was released on March 29, 1974 and the 2013 version was released on May 1, 2013. The 1974 version took place in Rosecliff and Marble House mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. The narrator of this film is Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston), Gatsby’s neighbor and he tells the story about Gatsby’s life. As the film begins, Nick is on a white boat heading to the West Egg, Long Island (New York). He moved to New York because he want to become a bond salesman. The story line revolves around the main character Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford), millionaire, who desires the love from Daisy Fay Buchanan and chasing his American Dream. Gatsby believes that he has the well-known name and money, he can have whatever he wants. For example, the love that he lost five years ago, time, friends, and beauty. There are many prominent characters in this film, Daisy (Mia Farrow) plays an important role in this film because she represents the wealth and the American Dream in this film. She is the person that

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