Analysis Of The Lapd Gang Enforcement Detail

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Xander L. is a 17 year old documented by the LAPD Gang Enforcement Detail (G.E.D.) as a known "Black P Stone Bloods" gang member. He lives with his mother in the housing projects located in the lower Baldwin VIllage Crenshaw reporting district 363. Xander has no contact with his father, and his mother works two jobs--making supervision of Xander difficult. Multiple radio calls have been generated on Xander 's behalf by his mother and neighbors resulting in multiple LAPD reports. Xander dropped out of Dorsey High School, however wishes to complete his G.E.D.
Juvenile Arrest by LAPD Southwest Unit
On October 10, 2014 at approximately 1500 hrs LAPD Unit 3A63 responded to a radio call of a 415 man with a gun in Crenshaw Mall. 3A63 detained a male, black, juvenile (identified as XL), described by numerous witnesses to be the man carrying the concealed weapon. Officers detained XL and conducted a pat-down frisk search and recovered a fully loaded blue-steel, 9mm, semi-automatic hand gun from his waist band. XL was arrested for 12025(b)(3) PC and transported to LAPD Southwest station for booking (1953).

At the station, 3A63 conducted an NCIC (National Crime Information Center) wants and warrants check, and CCHRS (Consolidated Criminal History Reporting System) inquiry, revealing that the suspect is a Juvenile gang member with prior felony convictions, and had been placed on probation twice. Officers completed a crime and arrest report and booked XL at the Southwest Jail, awaiting

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