Analysis Of Gang Related

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After many mixtapes and nearing the edge of household name status, Maryland rapper Logic drops his first album. In this album is a song titled Gang Related. This song tells the story of what environment and household he grew up in. His brother is in a gang and sells cocaine to his father in front of him. Logic's mother is in an out of mental institutions, all the while logic is growing up and trying not to get shot when he walks outside. With drugs and gangs all around him, it is quite amazing that he got out and become a famous rapper. Gang Related also has a core message of stopping the violence, which leads to a question, is this song about his story or a message about ending the violence? Gang Related starts out with logic saying "Yeah, livin life like this/ Gotta paint a picture when I write like this/ Tales from my hood, not a sight like this". Early on it would seem that this song is clearly about telling a story. Use of the terms of painting a picture and tales is a classic way to talk about telling a story. Through this first verse, logic grows up from being a baby to teenage waking up in the middle of the night thinking there is an intruder. In most stories, growing up and changing is common. In the second verse, he switches to the view of his brother, who does whatever needed to keep his family safe. Logic uses a common way of telling a story, by changing view point. In this first verse, he only allows the audience to see him as a scared boy unsure of this

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