Analysis Of The Mexican Surrealist Artist Frida Kahlo

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Life will never be perfect, because with it comes a great amount of misfortune and unplanned events we can’t control. But, sometimes those unplanned events can lead us on great paths we would have never chosen on our own. Someone with such a life was the Mexican surrealist artist Frida Kahlo. From a young age Kahlo had proven to be a very bright child, and at the age of 15, she enrolled in an elite predominantly male preparatory school. There she planned to become a doctor and took courses in biology, zoology, and anatomy. However, Phyllis Tuchman writes, “...on September 17, 1925, the bus which she was writing home from school was rammed by a trolley car. A metal handrail broke off and pierced her pelvis.” Due to this event, …show more content…

The child itself is holding onto a red ribbon, which extends up toward the sky creating a texture of branches, and on them are couples. Amie R. Gillingham writes, “In this painting, she illustrates busts of her Mexican maternal and German paternal grandparents connected to her parents via a blood-like red ribbon that she (as a naked child) holds at the center of the composition.” Based on what is written it’s safe to indicate that the art piece is a way of representing the way Kahol felt about being a first generation of a mixed Latin American woman. She is just one person who would now have to carried different kinds of backgrounds, from both sides of her family. But, these two inherited traits were actually the thing that made Kahol who she really was. In the end, she identified with both of her inherited family blood because it was a part of her she chooses to accept. Even though it brought a lot of conflicts, these two cultural groups we're constantly represented within her self-portraits she made of herself. Even though we are the first factors to play in our own cultural identities, the loved ones around us play a major role as well. Most of the people we meet in our life we have no control over, and the same kind of knowledge applies to our significant other we choose to marry. You can’t choose who you fall for, and as for Frida

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