Analysis Of The Midwife's Apprentice By Alyce

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A woman is shouting and giving commands. She’s ordering people to fetch her birthroot, she’s rubbing a woman’s head and belly, and she is calling a baby forth into the world. This was the life of a midwife in the medieval times. The story The Midwife’s Apprentice by Karen Cushman is about an orphaned girl named Alyce who became a midwife’s apprentice and wanted a place in the world, but she wasn’t confident in herself and she thought she was a failure. Alyce realized that she couldn’t give up and that she had to be more confident in herself. At the end of the book she decided to become the midwife’s apprentice again. Alyce is a lonely and miserable girl who sleeps outside on a dung heap until a midwife recruits her to be her apprentice. …show more content…

In the middle of the book, Alyce starts to become more courageous. In the text, it states, “ ‘Have off, I said,’ she repeated, moving toward them.” This shows that Alyce is courageous because she is able to fight back without being scared. It would take courage to fight back against the boys, who used to bully her, so she had the courage to fight back and confront the boys who used to tease and torment her as well. In the text it also states, “Alyce, who had slept alone outside in the dark for most of her years, even at fearful times like All Hallows’ Eve and Walpurgis Night, had never yet seen the Devil and had nothing to fear from the night.” This piece of evidence shows that Alyce was never afraid of the Devil, which every other person in the village was afraid of, in all of her days that she slept outside. Also, It would take courage to sleep outside by yourself at night on frightening holidays like All Hallows’ Eve and Walpurgis Night, but Alyce isn’t afraid of these holidays because she has the courage to not show fear, even when she’s sleeping outside by herself.

In the end of the book, Alyce is confident in herself. The author states, “ ‘Help me,’ cried the woman on the table. ‘Keep still, all of you, and let me try,’ said Alyce, coming out from behind the ladder.” This shows that Alyce is confident because she is able to help the woman in labor even though she has

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