Analysis Of The Movie ' Billy '

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“I don’t get it,” Billy said, scrunching up his eyebrows and squinting his eyes. He looked about as pensive as a ten year old could, leaning forward as he sat on the blue trunk of the Honda. The brick school building off in the distance held his gaze as it blocked his view of the sun fading into the horizon. “Billy, I told you,” Cole said, eyes closed with his head resting on the back window next to his younger brother. “I can’t take you with me.” “But I thought you were gonna.” “I said I’d come back eventually. When you’re a little older.” “That’s stupid.” Billy turned to stare at Cole like he wanted to say something else but changed his mind. He switched his attention back to the school and the sky that framed it, all pink and orange and blue. He liked it, but Cole didn’t. Cole always said the sunset didn’t mean anything if it was still over Carter, Ohio. Carter just stayed Carter no matter what color the sky was. They didn’t look much alike. Billy was a bit of a chubby kid, with a puffed-up face and short black hair. The hair was about the only thing they had in common, and even then Cole’s was curly. Cole was seventeen, but the stubble made him look older. He never seemed to wear anything but band T-shirts and torn blue jeans with pockets big enough to stash a packet of cigarettes. Billy ran around in shorts whether it was mid-summer like it was now or the dead of winter. “I don’t think it’s
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