Analysis Of The Movie ' Yankee '

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Sabina Berman is a notable and critically acclaimed Mexican playwright. Berman’s notable work includes her first published play, Yankee (1979). In Adam Versényi’s translation of Yankee, Berman explores the relationship between the individual and identity. Through the three main characters—Bill, Alberto, and Rosa—we see the continual conflict they face as they aspire to achieve their respective objectives: to feel nurtured and loved, to have peace and quiet, and to feel loved and acknowledged. But it is Berman’s interjection of juxtapositions that forces us to analyze the relationship between the main characters. More specifically, Berman focuses on the impact Bill has as an intruder, and how he highlights the national identity incompatibilities between North American and Mexican cultures, to expose the serious social and political problems between the nations.
An important character in the play is Bill, a North American man with a distressful repressed past. In fact, this character inspires Berman’s choice of the title Yankee since he is an American man living in Mexico. Normally, people from Mexico seek entrance into the US, but in this unusual circumstance Bill avoids the US. In order to understand why Bill remains in a country that is seen as underdeveloped and corrupt, Berman repeatedly includes scenes in which Bill recalls his experience in the 1975 Vietnam War. He is depicted as a victim of the Vietnam War, while also representing North American imperialism. Growing

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