Analysis Of The Movie ' Hundred Dollar Baby '

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Men generally have the gender role to be the care takers, the fighters, and ultimately the manliest man possible, while women have been thought to be weak and helpless at the sight of danger. In the 2006 episode “Hundred Dollar Baby” of the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the male stereotype promotes males as fighters, but also disproves the general stereotype when some men run away from a fight. Also, the female stereotype is challenged when a woman wants to fight her own battles instead of a man doing it for her. Stereotypically, males typically assume they are better fighters than women and while fighting, males seem drunk and tend to show off their bodies by having their shirts off. Right off of the bat, the male characters Mac, Dennis, and Charlie support their male stereotype of being fighters. After watching an action movie, the men and Dennis’s sister Dee begin to discuss the best movies ever made. Dee stands her ground saying that the movie Million Dollar Baby is a great movie because it stands against the gender stereotypes typically portrayed in the movie industry. Dennis is clear when talking about the movie that women fighters are unrealistic because women cannot fight and they do not have muscles. This stereotype suggests that women are physically weak. They do not have the muscle mass that men do, which in turn suggests they could never fight as a result.
The four of them take a back ally to get home and come across a mugger. Even after all the…

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