Analysis Of The Movie ' Iclaudius ' And ' Claudius The God '

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IClaudius is a television show filmed in 1976 as an adaption of Robert Graves’ IClaudius and Claudius the God. Graves wrote a bibliography on Claudius’ life based on the historical writings of Gaius Cornelius Tacitus, Juvenal and Suetonius. Sheila White plays Valeria Messalina in the television series IClaudius which is directed by Herbert Wise.

White portrays Messalina as a beautiful young woman with a hunger for power. This is driven by her aggressive personality and her everlasting hunger for sexual activity that motivates her to try and do anything to get what she desires. This hunger for power and control is eventually fatal when she is murdered in 48 AD in the Gardens of Lucullus .

The sources that record the life of Messalina give the reader an insight into the political bias that existed in Ancient Rome. It was thought back then to hold a powerful position in Rome you had to do one of two things, you would sleep your way to the top, by having numerous sexual relations with various men in powerful positions or you would poison your way to the top.

In the television series, Messalina is presented as a young nympho-maniac whom is driven by her sex-drive and shows little respect for her husband Claudius. In his company she adores him, however, whenever he isn’t around she shows little respect for her husband and holds him in a very low regard.

She is protective of her children, guarding them from an argument between herself and Claudius. Messalina is a…

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