Analysis Of The Movie ' Inner Hoop '

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The ring itself measures to be 19.4mm in inner hoop diameter, 29mm in outer hoop diameter and weighs 11.29g. It consists of both rectilinear and organic designs when taking the ring as a circle, and the designed frame as a rectangle into consideration. The Ring is completely symmetrical, showcasing expert craftsmanship in the arrangement of the balanced pearls all around the ring and symmetric angles of the box proportions. Even the small figure in the ring is symmetrical, possessing realistic qualities and life-like body proportions. Additionally, the circlet of the ring itself is also unique. The goldsmith displayed his incredible craftsmanship of the ring by designing the piece with two rounded indentations towards the back of the ring. This technique presents the incredible handiwork that went into the creation of this ring. This Franco-Netherlandish item depicts a realistic image as the subject of the work. Engraved in gold, a small male figure is depicted. He is wearing a small hat, clasping his hands in a very satisfied way. His stance is very casual with his left knee bent forward almost in an excited or anxious way. He is dressed in what seems to be lavish attire, and most definitely does not represent a poor man. A long, rectangular box frames the figure, outlined in gold and filled in with rich, glossy, red-enamel. Surrounding the frame as well as the rest of the setting of the ring are large, dazzling pearls. Above and below the rectangular frame, a large

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