Analysis Of The Movie ' Inside Out '

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Inside Out is a Disney-Pixar film in which a girl, Riley Anderson has her entire world flipped upside down when her father’s job forces them to relocate from Minnesota to San Francisco. Disney worked with scientists to make this as realistic as possible, it is still readerly. There is no room for interpretation of the movie, even if someone noticed something new about it each time they watched, it would still be the same. Regardless of it’s readerly nature, I enjoyed this movie more compared to other Disney movies that are the run of the mill love story. It begins with the day she was born, which was also the day she got her first emotion: joy. Sadness soon followed, along with Disgust, Fear and Anger. These are the basic emotions that …show more content…

Riley is eleven in this movie and what I wonder the most about this movie is how children her age and younger portrayed it. I feel that the younger viewers of this movie could have gone home thinking that this was how their emotions worked also. Had I watched this Inside Out at different points over the semester, I would have been able to find different flaws each time. This movie is supposed to be about Riley, but it turns out to be centered around the journey that Joy and Sadness must take in order to return to headquarters, more specifically, it validates sadness as an emotion. Sadness spent her first eleven years with Riley being told to stay back and not to screw anything up, in reality, sadness is often frowned upon, because for some people, they are the opposite of Riley’s character. This movie shows that the happiest of children can go through life changing struggles and embrace their other emotions. You cannot appreciate being happy unless you have known being sad, this movie brings attention to the necessity of a balance in life. Since this is a Disney movie, it is safe to assume that it will be didactic. Riley dealt with having to start her life over again in a new place, she goes through the trials and tribulations that anyone would during hard times. Moving is a task in itself, but learning a new home, new surroundings, new people and new things, it can take a toll on

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