Analysis Of The Movie ' Paris Is Burning '

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Profiling has always been in our society, in the United States and all around the world. Some based more on racial characteristics and sexual orientation, rather than social status and intellectual abilities. During the past years, it has become more than frequent the cases of police brutality, in most occasions where cops end up abusing their authority and force by hurting and murdering Africa American civilians by the simple assumption that because their skin is dark they represent a threat and have no good intentions. These occurrences seem like won’t have a stop until the people making these mistakes end up with repercussions for their actions. Also, another flaw in our society are stereotypes that people use judging people by ethnicity and how they look , and as much as we try to act as if these things don’t exist or are rarely happening, it is something that we cannot hide and take part of our lives on a daily basis. The movie “Paris is Burning” is a good foundation to this argument because the characters face many adversities for considering themselves of a different gender, and being constantly put down and told that they’re not something that they feel like they really are. This is what the term “double consciousness” by W.E.B Dubois means, how people throughout history born in the United States into a non-white family with every right as any other American, feels like a complete stranger oppressed by others because they don’t get the same equality and treatment as

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