Analysis Of The Movie Sierran

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The expansion towards the west and the building of the transcontinental railroad played an undeniably crucial role to the development and advancement of the United States as a whole. Therefore, it came as no surprise that movies surrounding this topic would hit the box office one after another. The trailer for the movie Sierran successfully captured a point of view different from all other movies of its type and attracted viewers to witness the awe of what humans are capable of. Sierran grabbed on to the smallest detail that most might ignore while reading the history textbook and expanded it into a full length story to present on the big screens. While most movies of this genre celebrated the victory of the railroad and showered praises …show more content…

One interesting scene from the Sierran trailer linked to Chinatown and that was the scenes with citrus. As one may know, the San Bernardino Valley was remembered for citrus farming, therefore the fruit was also a symbol for the west. But in the movie Chinatown, the citrus farms were a target of corruption while in Sierran, they appeared while the supervisor was making a call. The cost of this production was high and dangerous. While filming the movie, the filming crew hiked up to many different mountains on the Sierra Nevada to try and capture the most vivid experience for their viewers. Also, the crew took full advantage of California by incorporating the native American backgrounds and the actual tools from the time period. They filmed at dangerous locations on a cliff and within the thorny blackberry bushes where most of the crew would get cuts and ripped clothes. In all, the movie Sierran took a different approach telling a story of the transcontinental railroad and of power. It will definitely be a worthy production to watch and experience the history with. Soaked with symbolisms that all will understand and music so nostalgic, this production is coming up next winter to flame up the burning passions for

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