Analysis Of The Movie ' The Flies ' By F. Cody Curtis

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1. Cody Curtis is one of the main characters followed throughout the film “How to Die in Oregon”, where throughout her life she worked with animals in the country and grew up with the idea of not letting animals suffer before they died. We learn that Cody suffers from reoccurring cancer, and would rather choose to leave this world when she is feeling better and can communicate with her family rather than waiting till she is in so much pain or is so sick that she is not able to communicate with her family members. For Cody, she knows that the day where she stops enjoying most things in her life and she feels like a burden is the chosen day of her death. A big reason why Cody chose physician aid-in-dying is the fact the patient has complete control over their own death. This allows for the patient to know when it will happen and that they have the choice of date, allowing for the patient to focus on the good times and what is important to them rather than worrying about when they are going to die. This was very important to Cody, since she did not want to spend time worrying about her death and being a burden to her family, but rather spend good times with them and die at a point in time where they will remember those good times rather than times where she is suffering. Throughout the film, Cody was always for physician aid-in-dying, however at points she believes that if she goes through with it she will be a coward. It can be seen in the film as well towards the end Cody

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