Analysis Of ' Lord Of The Flies '

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Everybody All Of The Time A saying that is used throughout the Norton Marching Band is “everybody all of the time,” which is to say if one person messes up once that causes more problems than just their own one mistake. If one was to miss one day of rehearsal there would be a hole and another individual would miss their dots because they had no one to guide off of. Golding believed that “everybody all of the time” was true in the sense of society. In his novel Lord Of The Flies Piggy, Ralph, and Jack have failures during the novel that cause other mistakes to be more significant. Proving that society fails due to the failure of the individual.

Piggy fails three major times in the novel one causing his death and the civilization on the island to fall apart. Piggy 's first mistake is he did not count all of the little kids in time and get their names, and this one mistake causes chaos when a “little un” goes missing. He is referred to as the “little un with the birthmark,” and it is easy for the boys to tell he is missing because he had a noticeable trait while they are unsure of how many others are missing. The boys are frightened and put all blame on Piggy who could have gotten the names if they had all stayed orderly. The boys lose order and descend into chaos but regain order after leaving the top of the mountain and call a meeting, using the conch, to begin building shelters. Piggy’s next mistake is being too passive. Jack and his hunters know that Piggy will not stand…
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