Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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the now, this moment in time. It’s all I had, all I could count on, and all that was assured to me in my time with Jack.
When we left his home, I convinced Jack that I was fine to go for a drive, though we both knew I was pretty worn out. I just wasn’t ready for the night to be over. There was so much beauty in his town that I could at least enjoy looking at again, and we drove from place to place in the early evening. The scenario was identical; the sun was setting as it did on our first date together. What was once majestic was now bittersweet, as the sunset cast its color array on my blood stained cast. My designer white skirt was replaced by a one of a kind plaster cast. My red belt, meant to be a little daring, was now dressings of red where there shouldn’t be any.
In the soft breeze of the moving car, I turned my head away from Jack, and secretly closed my eyes. I longed for the night’s magic to lend itself to me by granting a wish to be again on that first night’s drive, as I sat beside my gentle Jack. As once a warm evening’s breeze brought me peace, this cool night’s air conveyed loneliness, and a foreign sadness overcame me. I opened my eyes and strained to hide my tears. All the pain, suffering, and loss, was a lump in my throat. I wanted so desperately, as Jack did, to have a do over, a second chance, a replay in life. It wasn’t to be and we both knew it. We were ruined by the trauma, the ugliness, the darkness, after the brilliant date. As the…
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