Analysis Of The Movie ' The Towns '

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Paper Towns is a movie portraying the journey of Quintin and his friends on a mission to find Margo, Quintin’s childhood crush that disappeared after they shared an adventurous night together. Margo left clues behind which allowed Quintin and his friends to figure out where she was staying at. The last few weeks before they walk the stage, these friends are going out of their comfort zone and doing things that they have never done before. They realize that these few weeks will be the memories they will cherish as their senior year comes to an end. Throughout the film these young adults are slowly figuring out their own identity.
High School Cliques Just like any typical high school the viewer is able to see the different cliques. The two cliques that were presented in the film were the popular kids and the nerds. Quentin and his friends were the nerds because they were in band, focused on SAT exams, never skipped school, did not party and drink, and had high grades. These are characteristics that are typically given to non-popular kids or nerds during high school. On the other hand, the popular kids were presented as wealthy, rebels, attractive, hold high status, would drink, and had parties. These two different cultures allowed the viewer to understand that high school is an important part of a student’s life.
Adolescent Dialogue The dialogue presented in the movie related to the spoken language of today’s teenagers. There were a lot of curse words shared among these

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