Analysis Of The Novel ' Perfume Help Grenouille '

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Grenouille is a character born destined to be a murderer, but he alone can’t accomplish it. Süskind offers him a plethora of characters that can help him in his journey to becoming a master murderer and perfume maker. The use of minor characters in the novel Perfume help Grenouille grow and develop into a murderer, like a tick, he leeches off others and uses them for personal growth. Grenouille absorbs the traits of his host, using them to keep him alive, they assist him in fitting into society, no longer making him a noticeable monster and they are what motivates him to complete his goals.
Grenouille is a character whom alone cannot survive so he relies on other characters to live longer enough to move onto the next part of his life. …show more content…

This quote shows his initial weakness and how without the host, he wouldn’t be able to survive. And like the tick that abandons its host when it takes all it can, Grenouille leaves his host, Madame Gaillard, leaving her to the cruel fate of a terrible death, a motif of those who encounter Grenouille, “There they put her in a ward populated with hundreds of the mortally ill, the same ward in which her husband had died, laid her in a bed shared with total strangers, pressing body upon body with five other women, and for three long weeks let her die in public view.”(Süskind, 13) Süskind’s minor characters in Perfume assist Grenouille in his knowledge of creating perfume and fitting into society, allowing him to develop into his murderous role. Baldini takes Grenouille under his wing and teaches him the way of making perfumes “But Grenouille, too, profited from the disciplined procedures Baldini forced upon him.”(Süskind, 38) Grenouille uses his tick-like properties and absorbs knowledge from his hosts. He here, can take knowledge that Baldini offers to him and uses it for his own personal gains. The foundation of perfuming knowledge given by Baldini allows Grenouille to grow in strength in his ability to make these perfumes, bringing him closer to his true identity as a murderer. The help of the marquis allows Grenouille to blend into society well enough to be

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