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Socialism in America
E3 Argumentative essay
Sonia Rani
Ragtime is an interesting depiction of cultural and political change. It can be argued that the story is not just a reflection of the events in the 20th Century but the novel reflects the events that continue to happen until today in socialism. For instance, the novel gives a glimpse of the kind of life experienced by many African Americans. They were victimized by the society and the persons in authority refuse to help them. Even in the 21st Century, it cannot be denied that African Americans are still subjected to discrimination in socialism. Throughout the stories in this novel character represent that change and partiality. Because of the massive development, there was …show more content…

But he proves himself a good example of socialism as socialist. In Ragtime, historical elements like E. Zapata, Emma Goldman, Coalhouse, mother’s younger brother, Tateh and district attorney reveals as a political example.
In socialism, the state also has a character of the class, but its content is opposed to that of the bourgeois state: it becomes, for the first time in history, a state of the clear majority exploited against the tiny exploitative or privileged minority (Rozman, 2014). Rozman (2014) explains that Conversions to traditional socialism became more evident after World War II, with the Cold War and later with the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. So, as Ragtime, because it was written in about 20th century. Since then, socialist regimes have been adopting more flexible stances. Real socialism is developed socialism during the twentieth century. Currently, the socialist countries are Cuba, China, North Korea, Laos, and Vietnam. Ragtime also depicts politics between relationship, at court, as a victim, and attacking people for the sake of justice. On the other hand, ideal socialism is that developed in the nineteenth century, the main thinker of socialism was Karl Marx, for him this regime arose from capitalism and its means of production, having its control played by the proletarian, as well as the state, which would later be extinguished, giving rise to communism that corresponds to a society Without

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