Analysis Of ' The Outliers ' By Malcolm Gladwell

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Critical thinking can be the foundation to learning and to success. Thinking influences every aspect of life yet it is often taken for granted. The ability to think critically requires practice but it is important to look past what might be the obvious way of seeing things. In doing so it becomes easier to formulate a claim based on facts rather than opinions. These are some of the skills that I began to develop in the first assignment on Arguing Ethically/Thinking Logically. This was based on Chapter one from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Outliers. This chapter was titled The Matthew Effect and the claim was that if you start out with the advantage of being born in the right place at the right time you will be on the path to success over someone that was not. This assignment did not showcase some of my better writing efforts but it did show my ability to look at this claim from different perspectives. In doing so, I was able to formulate my own theories based on logical reasoning and back my claim up with an example from my own personal experience. This assignment provided me with a baseline in critical thinking to build off of for future assignments. Having a better understanding of critical thinking provided me with another way to look at causes and correlations in the following assignment. Chapter Seven of The Outliers looks at the correlation between ethnicity and plane crashes. Gladwell provides many different examples to back up his claim and on a surface
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