Analysis Of ' The Outsiders ' By Ins.e Hinton

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How can two people that belong in the same gang be the complete opposite of each other ? how do little boys turn into thugs and go to jail at age 10. However, in S.E Hinton’s novel the outsiders , their are two characters that are alike. Johnny and Dally are similar because they both have abusive parents that do not care about them and place very little value on their lives. Yet despite these similarities is that Johnny Follows the rules and Dally breaks the law on purpose and when the church burnt down johnny went to help but dally did not.

Johnny and dally both have one very significant Similarity which is, That they both have abusive parents that do not care about them. Dally’s parents are the reason why he is what he is today ,because they never disciplined him and that’s why at age 10 dally was arrested running around with a gang . Well for one dally never did talk about his his mom not even once, but talked about his dad once or twice when when him and pony were visiting johnny dally told johnny . “‘ ….My old man don’t give a hang whether i’m in jail or dead in a car wreck or dead in the gutter . that don’t bother me none”’ (p.88) . Plus Dally has no where he can call home pony says “Dally who lived anywhere he could” (105). While on the other hand Johnny has somewhat of a home has very abusive parents. Johnny usually sleeps outside or at ponyboys . Ponyboy describes johnny 's life at home saying “ His father was always beating him up, and his mom ignored

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