Analysis Of The Play ' The Crucible '

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November 7, 2014
English III Abuse of Power The act of using one’s position or one’s power in bad or offensive way is abuse of power. Abuse of power can be taking advantage of somebody, or misuse of someone position, or do something illegal through their power is also abuse of power. Abuse of power is also to gain benefit improperly. Everyone in their whole life at some time they misuse their power at some point. In the play The Crucible some people abuse their power to get some people into death. In the play The Crucible, Abigail Williams abuse her power to put her enemies into death. Abigail got a very good skill to manage every difficulties very quickly. She misuse her power on mostly john’s wife, so can get her in jail. Because she as an affair with john, and she wants nobody between them. In the play The Crucible Author Miller is showing abuse of power done by people to save their own life. . In The Cubicle author Miller shows that abuse of power can cause a very horrible and unbelievable things. Abigail is vengeful, selfish, manipulative, and a magnificent liar. Abigail William and many girls from town where found dancing in the woods, which was illegal in the town of Salem. She knew that the only solution for this is top lie. She and all the other girls started to tell names of others in the town, so they can get out…
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