Analysis Of The Poem ' Elephants Of Mexico Sing Terribly, ' Heather Chants As We Reach The Commons '

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"Elephants in Mexico sing terribly," Heather chants as we reach the commons. "Elephants in Mexico sing terribly..."

"Heather, what the heck," I opine. "You 've been orating that all day."

"Its actually for my Astronomy assessment tomorrow, the whole class needs to know the layers of the atmosphere.. Elephants mean Exosphere, In means Ionosphere, Mexico means Mesosphere – "

"Okay, that 's rash. But genuinely clever too. I need to remember that for future reference." I insulate her in the middle of her parley.

Heather giggles, soon after she takes a seat on an available lunch table and I follow. "You 're welcome! Props to James though, he 's the bomb."

"Speaking of James, where is that stud anyways?" I ask. "Haven 't seen him since Monday."

"James has been with his fraternity lately for some kind of 'group study, '" She enunciates the tidings with finger quotes. "I 'm feeling skeptical about it too; he scarcely texts me anymore and that makes me glum."

"Well, whatever he 's doing right now, I 'm reasonably sure that James is going to be fine." I console.

At that instant, both Abby and Carlos plunk down with us, wearing their prototypical 'I 'm so done with life ' facets.

Abby takes a quick sip of her juice box before endowing me a weighty look. "I 'm extremely tired, the Psychology test whooped my ass so hard," She jaws languidly.

"Bryan whooped my ass so hard, literally," Carlos responds with wide eyes. "So hard that you 'll tear up and say 'Daddy whip that –…
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