Analysis Of The Poem ' Lizzy Axiak Aspirations '

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Lizzy Axiak Aspirations A Sherpa boy was born into a life adventure. He saw the natural beauty that surrounded him, felt the blasts of breeze which invigorated him and heard the peaceful sounds of tranquillity. How simple it is to imagine a life of adventure in a distant land. But if we allow it life can be an exhilarating adventure. Each exciting moment in life can be a new page in our autobiography. Our aspirations are simply the parameters on our life path some simple, some beyond the bounds of possibility. Our aspirations are equally important as life itself; aspirations are the breath of life, chalice of salvation. Unless we aspire we will expire. They define our life path, they tell us where to go, what we want to become and where our lives are headed. Unlike all other living things which are content to be, humans are driven to become greater. From the beginning of human civilisation we expanded empires, extended dynasties and expressed feelings through art. Our lives today were simply founded on the aspirations of our forefathers. As history progresses, human’s dissatisfaction with the limits nature has imposed on him has caused us to aspire to go faster, further, deeper and higher. So we invented bullet trains, steamships, submarines and rocket ships. Before our aspirations can propel us forward, we first must aspire – before our dreams can come true we first must take the time to dream. In my life time I aspire to close the rift between indigenous and

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