Analysis Of The Poem ' My Words From The Village Of Chamounix : Performing Transgender Rage '

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In Susan Stryker’s “My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage”, Stryker creates an intimate linkage between Frankenstein’s monster and the transsexual body. Like Frankenstein, a transsexual person owns an “unnatural” body and an identity defined completely by medical practice. And like Frankenstein, a transsexual person encounters countless challenges, discrimination, and hatred from normal people. Normal people deem transsexual existence as the embodiment of a monster which possesses “an unassimilable, antagonistic, queer relationship to a Nature” (Stryker 5). However, instead of running away, Stryker chooses to embrace co’s transsexual identity and lives in darkness with an identity of a seemingly cruel and despise-able monster. Stryker starts to pose a question that demands an answer: “Is monster really inferior than a human being, and does a natural body actually exist?”. Most people would not react positively to the words "you are a monster!" Because, let 's face it, no one thinks of monsters as beautiful creations, but as grotesque and defy the laws of nature and God. However, in Susan Stryker 's essay, co explores what it really means to be a monster, applying this concept to transsexualism. Stryker argues that everyone is monster, like Frankenstein, in their own way, as no one today is natural. Co says that, “[t]he transsexual body is an unnatural body. It is the product of medical science. It is a technological

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