Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' By Eavan Boland

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Ekaterina Nevzorova Professor: Claire Barwise April 9th, 2015 Assignment #2, Draft #4 Anorexic The poem "Anorexia", written by poet Eavan Boland who is influenced by Irish political, cultural and historical context. Eavan Boland lived in society according to which a woman has always been given the role of dependent humble housewife with her husband the earner. The poem “Anorexic” is included in a serial of poems "In Her Own Image”, where she considered such subjects as periods, women 's diseases, infanticide, domestic violence. Trying to find (or In an attempt –Paul, what is better?) the truth of woman’s role in society, Boland criticizes and resists the religious patriarchal society that forces woman to be spiritualized, idealized, innocent and inspiring. She decides that she would not show the picture of a perfect, soulful woman; on the contrary, moreover, she is going to show the hidden side of a woman, the side that Irish society does not want to know about. In the society in which woman does not feel the harmony between her personality and female stereotypes and expectations. And this crisis of self-identity, psychological conflict like a drop of water is reflected in the poem "Anorexic", striking and shocking
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