Analysis Of The Poem ' The Captain My Captain ' By Walt Whitman

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O Captain My Captain, what a beautiful portrayal of our great nation and some of the many amazing things we have overcome to get to where we now are today. To begin analyzing this poem we must first look at the context of when the poem was written. This poem was written by Walt Whitman in 1865 after the assassination of a beloved president, Abraham Lincoln. The death of this beloved president left the entire country devastated. Walt Whitman was a very strong admirer of Abraham Lincoln and often saw him as a fatherly figure in his life. He writes many times in his poem yelling “father”. Whitman truly believed that Lincoln had kept this country together even though there was such hatred between the North and the South. Lincoln had accomplished the task of keeping together the union and freeing the slaves from the hands of their masters. Walt Whitman painted us a picture of how our nation became free of slavery due to our wonderful captain. Nearing the end of the war a man named John Wilkes Booth could not handle the thought of peace between slaves and their masters and assassinated Lincoln during a theatrical performance. This poems extended metaphor is talking about Abraham Lincoln and how he abolished slavery through the Civil War. As we begin analyzing the poem we must realize who the speaker is. The speaker of the poem is a sailor who had just sailed a very long and dangerous trip and witnessed the death of his beloved captain. As Whitman begins to write the poem he
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