Analysis Of The Poem ' Things That Rises Must Converge And Good Country People ' By Flannery O ' Connor

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Platitudes, Alienation, & Neglect In her short stories Everything That Rises Must Converge and Good Country People, Flannery O 'Connor has created stories that challenge the hearts and the minds of her readers with heart breaking tales, each depicting the relationship between a single mother and her child ending in tragedy. Each mother shares qualities in common, but despite their similarities each mother 's circumstances, her child, and their life 's tragedy are unique. One woman loves her son and is devoted to him despite the difficult circumstances in her life, but still ends up alienating him; another has all the wealth and the means to have a good relationship with her daughter, but she neglects to provide the love and understanding her daughter needs and loses her. In Everything That Rises Must Converge, Julian 's mother is a relic of a class-bound and prideful past, a descendent of an accomplished clan and the pretentious culture that came with it. The culture she was raised in gave her a sense of pride and dignity, but it also formed her perspective for life. It taught her the way she views the world and her place in it, and also left her as a cultural racist. She couldn 't bear to see an African American on the same bus as her without holding contempt. Yet she could see "no better person in the world" (681) than "the old darky" (681), Caroline, her childhood nurse. It 's not that she 's hateful of African American 's, but integration is too foreign to her

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