Analysis Of The Poem ' Whale Rider ' Essay

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This is a story about how a Maori girl Kahu Paikea will eventually overcome the obstacles of tradition and reality. From the film you can see this old tribe is still has serious patriarchal consciousness, the rules have always been used to break, the life needs self-master. The girl did not give up the goal, she used her actions inherited the chief 's miracle. Legend is often inspirational, because with spiritual power, or implied some kind of mystery. If some kind of legend with its inherent rationality, will produce a good story. The "Whale Rider" is such a good film, the open sea, the distant shout, an island Maori, their ancestors are riding a whale come. Certainly, an ancient village has a traditional parents, the system must have an elderly management of the entire village. Inheritance and development into a mission. Opposition and friction is the new era of continuous progress and replacement. In the traditional literary and artistic works, the clear contradiction is the prerequisite for the achievement of good works. In "Whale Rider", Caro is to seize this contradiction, thus creating a legendary classic. First of all, a legend about the Maori, more than 1,000 years ago, the Maori because of the storms and sailing fall into the sea, helplessness and despair in shows on their faces. One of them called the whales to help them, and later he rode the whale and find this beautiful land, New Zealand. Since then, the people here multiply, endless, and Maori
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