Analysis Of The Politics Of Fear By Barry Blitt

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"The Politics of Fear" by Barry Blitt

The next contemporary caricatures will be a work published on July 21, 2008 in the NEW YORKER (Appendix 1, Fig. 3). It is named "The Politics of Fear" and was created by Barry Blitt (Fig. 3). The caricature depicts two central figures in a oval room (Fig. 3). The background depicts a light beige wall with white wood paneling (Fig. 3). On the left, there is a chair against the wall, and traces of a shelf above it (Fig. 3). On the right side, there is a burning fireplace and a piece of colored cloth in the fire, while a framed image of a bearded man hangs above the fireplace (Fig. 3). The floor of the oval room is covered by a oval carpet, depicting a bird with half-opened wings (Fig. 3).

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The oval shape of the background is as much significant evidence for this as the half shelf in the wall, and the round carpet on the ground showing the eagle ("Oval Office.").

The bird is a presidential symbol, and in this case also is part of the original oval office's floor covering ("Oval Office."). The male figure can be identified as President Barack Obama, while the female opposite to him can identified as his wife Michelle Obama ("Barack Obama", "Michelle Obama", Hechtkopf "New Yorker Obama Cover Sparks Uproar.").

When analyzed for intrinsic meaning and image citations, the clothes of Obama, as well as the picture in the background, hanging over the fireplace, can be identified as images closely related to wanted posters searching for famous Islamic terrorist forces, such as Osama bin Laden (Jacquard 2001: 93, "Oval Office."). The clothes his wife wears are similar to the garb of a fighter, wearing an afro and carrying an AK-47 (Hechtkopf "New Yorker Obama Cover Sparks Uproar."). For one, Obama, at this point, had to fight with accusations about his religious orientation, about his program towards the fight against terrorism, and his position in the hunt for long standing enemies of the state (Hechtkopf "New Yorker Obama Cover Sparks Uproar."). In addition, the similarity between enemy and him is enforced by the equal dress of man …show more content…

4)Hechtkopf "New Yorker Obama Cover Sparks Uproar."). The caricature offended greatly by its implications; for one, the depiction of Obama wearing a turban and the way this makes him clearly identifiable as a potential terrorist not unlike Osama bin Laden, and furthermore, especially the burning flag in the fireplace and its connotations, made the entire caricature beyond tasteless in the eyes of the critics (Hechtkopf "New Yorker Obama Cover Sparks

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