Analysis Of The Queen Bee And Her Court

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Trying to find individuality in a world of social expectations is the most trying challenge any one person is expected to overcome. “The Queen Bee and Her Court” by Rosalind Wiseman gives readers an in-depth look at high school cliques and social hierarchies, and the effects of peer pressure while trying to find one’s self. From the Queen Bee who utilizes her power to control the wannabes, to the target who is just waiting for the end of high school, everyone can see themselves as at least one of the author’s stereotypes. Before starting this assignment, I will admit that I was skeptical of the idea I could even possibly learn anything from this article. I asked myself “How can the author really know how high school is?” Over time, however, I realized the truth in everything that she wrote. High school is a place to figure out individuality and gain a sense of self. It is hard, however, to do so when there are so many social expectations and societal rules to follow. As I pondered the truth of the difficulty of these expectations, I realized that not only is this exemplary of high school; however, it carries on throughout college and even into careers. No matter where life takes someone on their path, there will always be a “Pleaser,” there will always be a “Target,” and there will always be “Sidekicks” and “Queen Bees.” The most important thing is learning to co-exist with the peer pressure that comes with the ever repeating social patterns. As author Collin Hanks

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