Analysis Of The Range Of Justice By Gerald Gaus

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Analysis of “The Range of Justice” by Gerald Gaus
In his Article, “The Range of Justice”, Gerald Gaus Explains that there will likely never be one vision of a “just society” Due to this, Gaus concludes that instead individuals have the responsibility to learn tolerance towards others whose views may be different than their own. This “moral maturity” is essential to understanding that we live in a diverse society that will likely never come to share a single conception of what is best for society as a whole, and to understand that they may be forced to live under policies and/or practices with which they may not agree.
Gaus argues that a morally mature approach must be taken by political philosophers as well as citizens for public reason liberalism to become effective. I argue that Gaus does not address how difficult public reason liberalism would be to actually implement. Moreover he fails to address the causes of sectual thinking. I assert that Gaus’ argument for the reasonable rational individual has one major obstacle that is the vehement tenacity with which people hold onto their religious dogma.
In his article “The Range of Justice (or, How to Retrieve Liberal Sectual Tolerance)” Gerald Gaus states that human reason is what leads to the continued disagreement and the development of parties (or sects) to support the different ways of thinking. He claims that because the use of reasoning leads to such controversy that we should learn to apply the

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