Analysis Of The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe is a worldwide known writer, poet, and short stories. “The Raven” is one of his most famous works of poetry, which was written in 1845, about 172 years ago. He is also known for some of his greater works including “The Masque of the Red Death,” along with “The Tale-Tell Heart.” In “The Raven”, the narrator, is going through a phase of the lost of his love, Lenore. The Red Death was spreading, and quick, it could be considered a plague that could wipe out the community as a whole. The narrator in “The Tale-Tell Heart’, has been waiting for 8 nights to kill his victim, and old, defenseless man. Little does the old man know that it might be his last day on Earth. You could say that death and eeriness was Poe’s strengths. Lenore, is the narrator’s wife who has recently passed away. He is attempting to take his mind off his grief by reading a book when all of a sudden he hears someone or something knocking at his door. He wasn’t expecting anyone, so he wonders who it could be. Through his window flies in a Raven as black as the night sky is in the fall. When the narrator in “The Raven” states, “ Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!” he is basically asking for the bird’s name. The bird responds with a simple “Nevermore.” This goes with any other questions he asks the bird. No matter the question the raven gives the same response, “nevermore.” The narrator feels as if the bird is taunting him and all his emotions he is

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