Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

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In The Scarlet Letter a young woman named Hester is criticized and mocked for having a young girl from an adulterous act with a sneaky pastor. The young girl will be named Pearl (named Pearl for having cost a great price). Throughout the novel as the characters develop and change the plot of the story develops into a riveting climax and an end no one could have imagined. Within the novel there are five major scenes that build up to the dramatic ending of The Scarlet Letter. The scenes in order are the first time Heaster showed her face and stood on the scafell after she was released from prison, when Heaster and Pearl met with the main men of the village to discuss Pearls fate, when Dimmesdale (the young pastor) stands on the scaffold at…show more content…
While standing on the scaffold she sees her husband sho has been gone for years, no one recognizes Chillingworth but her and she feel ashamed for the betrayal she did to him. This scene is one of the most important of the book because of the introduction of characters and the setting of the story. It also shows the way Heaster feels towards the whole idea and gives small hints for what is to come in the future of the book. In the second major scene of the book Heaster and now 7 year old Pearl go to visit a couple of the top men in the village such as the governor, Wilson, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth. “ The first half of the story has covered a space of seven years; the second half of will cover no more than fifteen days” claims Malcolm Cowley (15). Heaster brought Pearl to them so they could ask her a couple of questions about where she is from. They wanted to make sure she was getting a proper education. Now Pearl was extremely smart and witty so she knew all of the answers to their questions but decided to answer them incorrectly. Wilson was convinced and wanted to take the child from Hester, dimmesdale protects her and says about how no one else but Heaster could take care of such a smart and interesting child, Pearl then holds his hand and Dimmsdale kissed her forehead. Heaster also states how Pearl is her everything and would rather die before giving her up. This scene is important because it shows the love Heaster has for Pearl and
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