Analysis Of The Seventh Man

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The seventh man should forgive himself for his failure to save K.’s life. In the novel “the seventh man”, the seventh man is a child during a typhoon. He and his best friend ,K., go down to the water during the eye of the storm to investigate the shoreline. When they reached the beach, there were lots of unfamiliar and fascinating items washed up on the shore. The boys were so focused on the treasures that, consequently, they did not notice the waves creeping up the shore. Our narrator, the seventh man, noticed a huge wave moving quickly and maliciously in from the horizon. As he runs to shelter behind the breakwall, he yells for K. to run away from the water. However, K. is still entranced by the debris at the shoreline and doesn’t hear him. The seventh man knows that he should go back for K., but he is transfixed by the horror of it all and only springs into action to run behind the breakwall. K. finally realizes what is going on and tries to run away; but, it is too late. K. is sucked away from the beach in a thunderous torrent of water. In the next wave that attacks the shoreline, the seventh man sees K.’s body; grinning horrendously and wickedly at him. He is traumatized and feels responsible about K.’s death until the day he finally learns to forgive himself. He spends many long years being tortured by his guilt at K.’s death. He needed to let go of the pain that he carried for all those long and terrible years. Maybe he could have saved K., maybe he couldn’t have; but

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