Analysis Of The Short Story ' Gryphon ' By Charles Baxter

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In the short story entitled “Gryphon” by author Charles Baxter, the author begins to formulate a storyline about a young boy named Tommy and his experience with his new substitute teacher, Miss Ferenczi. Miss Ferenczi being a new substitute teacher in Five Oaks, Michigan provides Tommy’s class with a unique atmosphere. Ferenczi’s personality and teaching methods are particular features newly encountered by Tommy. Moreover, Miss Ferenzi’s is presented as a strange individual amongst Tommy’s class because of her attire and the two lines present across her face. Tommy and other classmates begin to alter their perspective on Miss Ferenczi’s as her character begins to unravel. Further, characters such as Miss Ferenczi and Tommy begin to change behavior through the continuation of the story. For instance, Tommy starts to develop his imagination and Miss Ferenczi begins her ascension as a fictional storyteller. As the story progresses, each character experiences continuous changes such as Tommy’s development of a sense of imagination and Miss Ferenczi’s implantation of fictional storytelling. Furthermore, Miss Ferenczi’s character commences to show signs of change as the story carries on. Initially, Miss Ferenczi is introduced as a unique substitute teacher compared to other teacher’s in Five Oaks Michigan due to her distinct appearance and deficient amounts of substitutes available. As Miss Ferenczi’s initiate’s class, she does not partake in anything unusual as stated by Tommy,

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