Analysis Of ' The ' Stonewall '

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Overview • Persecutions of homosexuals, such as stoning whipping, genital mutilation and even the death penalty, have been around for centuries. Homosexuals were sentenced to die in concentration camps during WW II, suffering a fate almost identical to the Jews during the Holocaust. It was only in 1977 that the term homosexual was removed from the American Psychiatric Association, before that they were treated with aversion therapy as well as electroshock therapy, and on the rare occasion, even lobotomies. • Stonewall is a memorable event in queer history, a two-night stand by 2000 lesbians and gays against the police brutality happening to them during 1969, when they demanded their rights as free American citizens. • They are still marginalized today, since it is almost an accepted truth, especially in other parts of the world, that queer people are sick, they are sexual predators, attention seekers, recruiting others to be homosexuals (particularly youths). • It is common to assume that a character is straight, unless mentioned somewhere in the text. That is an accepted truth that harms the queer communities, since they have no representation in the media. • Even in queer communities, there is marginalization, as there are also factors of race and gender present. A heterosexual white man may have more power than a homosexual white man, but a homosexual white man will be more powerful than a heterosexual woman of colour, or another homosexual man of colour, or
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