Queer Theory : The Matrix

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The Matrix Queer Theory Postcolonial Theory Kaupapa Māori Mana Wahine Value Queer theory questions creations of normal and divergent, insider, and outsider.2 Queer theorists analyse a situation or a text to determine the relationship between sexuality, power and gender. Queer theory challenges basic tropes used to organize our society and our language: even words are gendered, and through that gendering an elliptical view of the hierarchy of society, and presumption of what is male and what is female, shines through. Queer theory rejects such binary distinctions as arbitrarily determined and defined by those with social power. It works to deconstruct these binaries, particularly the homosexual/heterosexual binary.4 Queer theory could potentially offer the most qualitative of methodologies for collecting and analysing data. As it questions, even defies, the notions of objectivity and the essentiality of fact, queer theory opens more “texts” for study, and more bodies of knowledge to compile, compare, and evaluate.2 Queer Theory houses the analytical tools used to examine what is “normal” and “abnormal,” primarily through deconstructing issues of sexuality in society. Its value comes from the fact that is more than just researching homosexual lives; it is research/theorizing why/how/when lives are homosexualized, “queered” outside of the norm.2 Queer theory is a postmodern concept, an outgrowth of movements both political and personal. It seeks to invert the

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