Analysis Of The Story ' Happy Birthday Chrissie '

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In an apartment in New York City a woman cried in her room. The woman was 23 and would usually be called beautiful but today her hair was unkempt and her face was covered in the same smudged makeup from the day before. Her room was trashed, and the woman was curled on her bed hugging a banner that read happy birthday. The rest of the house seemed untouched. In the living room a pile of gifts lay wrapped on the table and a painstakingly crafted cake stood on the counter the inscription in bright blue happy lettering read Happy Birthday Chrissie. A note lay on the counter next to the cake, a note that Chrissie would never forget. The note marked the change in Chrissie’s life her life would now be split: before the accident and after. The note was written by a man named Aaron, the man who baked the cake. Upstairs Chrissie cried, alone, in the same position she had lay for hours, to her it seemed like that was her whole life. She clutched the birthday banner that was meant to celebrate her 23rd but would now just mark the day of the accident.
“Gen what are you doing right now you need to get over here”
“What why what’s going on?” I asked “Fi you need to calm down I don’t know what you are going on about.”
“I can’t calm down, Aaron was in the hospital and Chris isn’t answering my calls we need to get there now.” Fi said in one breath.
“Aaron is in the hospital! What happened! Is he okay?!”
Fi took a breath and when she spoke I could hear her

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