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Life after Death
I remember the day just like it was yesterday, the pale color and coldness of her skin. The sky was clear blue, soft, with a touch of red, and the trees seemed stiff in their bright green shade. The wind was blowing with its humid dry air. And All I could do was stand silently in disbelief, caught up in my own thoughts and calm as I ever been. Wondering what I could have done differently to change the course of time, life had taken us upon. Since that very day a chunk of my heart was ripped away, and broken into pieces… “Oh how I miss her so much.”
It was the morning of October 24, 2010 when I first received the news. I had just come back from a trip to Orlando’s Halloween horror nights, where I had an amazing time and …show more content…

Learning that everyone’s time is precious and we should live every moment alongside the people we love the most, because we’ll never be too sure when they’re going to leave us. Till this day it still doesn’t feel real, I keep telling myself that one day she’ll be back and everything will be ok. She was the heart and soul of our family where we all would gather at Thanksgiving time or just on a regular day. Her home was always full of joy and excitement but now it’s full of loneliness and darkness. She is gone now, to a new home, a home called

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