Analysis Of The Story ' Princess Of Panchal '

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Lobsang Diki Carolyn Ferrell Stories and Transformations Princess of Panchal “Rajkumari…Rajkumari” the maid cried. Draupadi who had been awaiting news of any development in the grand court was alarmed hearing the trepidation in the voice calling her out. She rushed to the petrified maid who was gasping for breath and firmly placed a hand on her shoulder. “Tell me” She said. “Rajkumari, it is Yuvraj Arjuna” the maid replied. Draupadi’s heart sunk, she found herself stepping back, stumbling. After pausing for another breath, the maid continued, “Rajkumar Yudhisthira lost him as well.” “Look, the son of a blind man is blind as well.” These words that were ensued by a roar of laughter echo loudly in her head. She felt faint. She remembered Duryodhana drenched from head to toe, his red eyes swearing vengeance. Unsteadily she walked towards the balcony, her hands reaching for the railing. She gloomily looked beyond the borders, at her former kingdom. Indraprastha was wagered by Yudhisthira first, followed by his brothers her husbands Sahadev, then Nakul, then Bhima and now, her beloved Arjuna. The man who was known as the greatest archer in the world. The man who won her hand by hitting the eye of a moving fish up in the heavens while only looking at its reflection through the water placed below him. The man whose Mother unknowingly asked that she be shared amongst his brothers. The man for whom she accepted five men as husbands. Her gaze went beyond the sandstone houses that

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