Analysis Of ' The Things They Carried '

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Beginning. Thematic Statement: “The Things They Carried”- The mental and morale that a person go through is intense because it becomes the fundamental that will be throughout the whole story. Device Concrete Detail w/ MLA Commentary Situational Irony of how the soldier talked about Lavender “They told stories about Ted Lavender’s supply of tranquilizers, how the poor guy didn’t feel a thing, how incredibly tranquil he was”(O’Brien,19). So when Ted Lavender got shot in his head, he got his “mind blown” for the last time, now the phrase “mind blown” has many meanings, it depends on the context and how it’s used the definition of it is when something shocking happens and the mind isn’t able to comprehend it, or whenever Lavender would smoke marijuana to calm himself down because he gets scared, and then there’s its literal meaning. In the novel the author, O’Brien uses this to show a sense of humor to show that Lavender got his mind blown literally, how he couldn’t feel a thing and was “..incredibly tranquil...”The author uses Situational Irony to discuss the tragedy of death, but also include a sense of humor to encircle the tragedy of the book. Symbolic meaning of the title “They were tough. They carried all the emotional baggage of men who might die. Grief, terror, love, longing--...They carried their reputations. … carried the soldier 's greatest fear,which was the fear of blushing. It
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